Sophie Turner Finally Addressed Being a New Mom on Instagram

Of course, she was super chill about it.

Up until now, the world has kind of just assumed that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas now have a daughter named Willa. Paparazzi photos throughout Turner’s nine-month pregnancy plus close sources who spoke about the couple’s baby equal the general belief that Turner and Jonas are new parents. However, it wasn’t until mere days ago where either of them gave us any word themselves about the topic. But finally—finally—Turner confirmed the news in the chillest way possible.

On August 15th, Joe Jonas rang in his 31st birthday, and Turner celebrated with an Instagram post.

“Happy birthday to my love/bub/baby daddy,” she captioned the picture. “Baby daddy!” Do you see that?

It looks like the speculation, allegations, and suspicions (and eagle-eyed fans scouring Taylor Swift song lyrics, to boot) were not all for naught. People in the comments were just as wide-eyed to see that description of her husband. “OMG BABY DADDY,” one person wrote, followed by dozens of others. Another fan added, “I’m already jealous of your baby’s bone structure.” Well, yeah. Truth.

Turner and Jonas reportedly welcomed baby Willa into the world in late July. Neither mom nor dad has posted a photo nor has said “yup, we’re parents now.” So, this “baby daddy” comment is the first concrete piece of evidence straight from the couple.

Jonas didn’t address Turner’s revelation specifically, but he did shout out his own birthday by encouraging all of his followers that they could get him one gift this year: to vote.

Welcome to the world, Willa Jonas. Oh, and happy birthday Joe.