Sophie Turner’s 2020 Instagram Photo Dump Included SO Many Cute Pics With Joe Jonas

More photo dumps in 2021, please!

Like so many of us, Sophie Turner is reminiscing about the days when we could hang out with friends, travel, and get into mischief without having to worry about spreading a deadly virus during every trip out of the house. In early December, Turner shared a slew of #TBT photos in an Instagram post, and whilst ringing in the New Year, she shared even more throwbacks to her Instagram Story—and she has so many cute pics of husband Joe Jonas we’re not sure what to do.

Turner shared a never-before-seen pic from each month of 2020, starting with the months during which we were blissfully unaware of the hell we were about to step into. January and February brought going out with friends and attending concerts for Turner and Jonas before the pair retreated home to flip some eggs and dress up their dog in Game of Thrones merch, as one is wont to do when she’s the Queen in the North.

Then the dynamic duo got away from it all with a lakeside vacation ahead of daughter Willa’s arrival in July.

Speaking of which, we also got a snap from one of Turner’s ultrasound appointments. Jonas sadly had to FaceTime in, most likely due to coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations—but the screenshot of the event makes it all better.

sophie turner instagram story

Jonas also shared several throwback pics on his own Instagram Story before the New Year hit. We’re calling it—that face mask and bubblebath pic is now the iPhone background of so many fans.

And before Jonas and Turner had their actual child, they took family pictures with their fur babies instead.

Per usual, Turner and Jonas have given us yet another heaping handful of reasons why we want to be best friends with them. They’re our quarantine queen and king, our favorite comedic couple, and just downright fun.

More photo dumps in 2021, please.

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