Sophia from “The Walking Dead” is all grown up and looks like a different person five years later

We’re not quite sure if you guys realize this, but The Walking Dead has been on for seven years.

This means that when we first started watching, Obama was a baby president, we wrote Facebook statuses in the third person, and the state of California still had water. Hell, when we first started watching, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry were friends.

The world looked much different back then, guys.

And while we’ve all gotten to see characters like Chandler Riggs’ Carl transform from boy to man-ish over those seven years — and characters like Norman Reedus’ Daryl and Melissa McBride’s Carol transform from red shirts to full-blown action heroes – Madison Lintz’s character, Sophia, just wasn’t cut out for the zombie killin’ lifestyle.

So our last collective memory of her is this.


SMDH, Sophia. Should have listened to Rick.

Obviously after Sophia expired — allowing her mother to rise from her ashes like a damn phoenix, and Rick to emerge as a capable leader after he shot her between the eyeballs — Lintz continued to grow, and now she looks completely different than she did when she wore rainbow t-shirts and carried dolls around in the zombie apocalypse.

Currently 17, Lintz is still doing well as a working actor. She has a recurring role as the titular character’s daughter on Amazon’s Bosch, and — per her IMDB page — is working on a project called Tell Me Your Name.

She comes from a family of child actors, with her younger brother Macsen Lintz joining The Walking Dead family as Henry, a tow-headed survivor currently living in King Ezekiel’s Kingdom, in Season 7.

She’ll appear on Bosch in its upcoming third season early this year, and it was also recently renewed for a fourth. Which is great, but also a bummer because she misses her cat back in Georgia, where Walking Dead also films, while she’s shooting the series in Los Angeles.

We’re also happy to see that she got to go to prom, since our poor beloved Walking Dead teens, Carl and Enid, will never get the chance to.

Carl and Enid probably won’t ever get the chance to learn how to apply winged-tip eyeliner perfectly, either, while Lintz clearly has.

She recently met Stranger Things star slash verified adorable human Gaten Matarazzo, so basically, her life has been on the up-and-up since the whole dying by the side of the highway thing.

Lintz looks like a happy, normal southern teenager who also gets to be a Los Angeles actor from time to time, and it’s pretty rad that she gets to enjoy both worlds. We always love to see The Walking Dead‘s killed-off alum doing well for themselves (someone give Steven Yeun a franchise, now), and are glad we can add Lintz’s name to the list of those crushing it outside of the Dead-verse.