Sophia Grace just gave us the besties anthem of 2015 (but where’s Rosie?)

So maybe you’re not up on Ellen DeGeneres’s best friends, but don’t worry, because I am. One of her staple guests is a little 11-year-old named Sophia Grace who is absolutely THE BEST. She first came on the show—along with her equally adorbs cousin Rosie—a few years ago, and did a spot-on performance of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.” Since then, Sophia and Rosie have developed a major following and dropped a few YouTube gems in the process. The even made their own movie, hello.

And now, Sophia Grace has graced us with what will be the best bestie anthem of 2015, and probably 2016, 2017 and beyond. The video for her single, “Best Friends,” might be as awesome as the party Taylor Swift threw in “22” — you know, the one that we all desperately wanted to be invited to. It completely brings out the inner kid in all of us, as Sophia Grace and her BFFs throw a slumber party (NO BOYS ALLOWED), play dress up, go shopping (at KMart, where Sophia Grace has her own clothing line at only 11 years old, another humble brag), and then put on a killer fashion show. It’s a total girl power anthem, reminding us to keep our number-one girls by our side always.

One quick thing: where is Sophia Grace’s own bestie, Rosie?? Sure, Sophia Grace might do all the singing and talking, but Rosie is never far from her side. Still, little Rosie doesn’t seem to be at this bestie party. At least, as Billboard points out, her picture gets a little bit of airtime in the vid.

Anyway, check out the video for “Best Friends” and then try to convince me that you won’t be humming this song for the rest of the day. Since we’re all probably too old to be invited to her next party, think we might be invited along as chaperones? (Please please?)

Image via here.