Sophia Bush Won’t Talk About Chad Michael Murray Anymore for a Very Valid Reason

"It's not worth my time."

Sophia Bush‘s brief marriage to Chad Michael Murray is old news and the actress is done talking about her ex-husband and One Tree Hill co-star.

“I’m not going to talk about [Murray],” Bush told Michael Rosenbaum during an August 10th appearance on his podcast Inside of You. “I’m not allowed to because I’ve tried to poke fun at being a dumb kid and whenever I’ve done that, it gets twisted into I’m talking shit about somebody who I don’t even know anymore, who’s clearly a grown-up.” 

Bush added, “I think you have to laugh about who you used to be,” but said she avoids the topic of her history with others. “It’s not worth my time,” she said. “It’s not a place where I harbor ill will or anything.” 

Bush also agreed when Rosenbaum suggested that it probably doesn’t come out right when she speaks about Murray.

“It never does!” she agreed. “And I’ve tried to like, you know, do the thing where when I get stuck live on the air—which has happened to me twice—getting asked about it where I give a little, like jazz hands quip and move on. It just doesn’t work, so I’m not going to.”

She chalks up the brief marriage to being young and “naive,” saying she was “just a kid” as she and Murray were only 21 when they said “I do” in 2005. “I think lots of people do stupid shit before their prefrontal cortexes are fully formed and they’re not until they’re 26,” Bush told Rosenbaum. “So you do the math on my timeline. I literally didn’t have a whole brain.”

Both Bush and Murray have since grown up and moved on to other happy relationships since their split. Murray married actress and model Sarah Roemer in 2005, and Bush shared some exciting relationship news of her own just two days ago: Her boyfriend, entrepreneur Grant Hughes, popped the question during a vacation in Italy

“So it turns out that being your favorite person’s favorite person is the actual best feeling on planet Earth #YES,” Bush captioned a photo of the moment Hughes proposed during a boat trip on Lake Como. 

Hughes also shared photos of the picture-perfect proposal. “She is my forever Favorite. This is my favorite,” he wrote. “And our life is that we’re building because she said ‘Yes is already my favorite. I am SO EXCITED to do life with you, my love.” 

So we think it’s time to just let Bush and Murray’s history stay just that—history.

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