The many, many reasons you should be following Sophia Bush on Instagram

All hail Brooke Davis.

Let us count the ways we love Sophia Bush. She’s an amazingly talented actress, she’s scary smart, and she’s beautiful inside and out. She also just seems so genuinely nice and fun to be around. Sophia rocks! Can we be besties?

Another reason we love her is because she’s the queen of using social media for social good. She has 1.5 million Instagram followers and if you aren’t one of them, you should remedy that right now! Sophia leverages her Instagram audience to raise awareness and spread the word about the wide variety of causes she’s passionate about. She’s known to pen lengthy, poignant captions that never fail to inspire us.

Here are some of our favorite posts and just a few reasons why you should follow her ASAP!

She made sure we knew it was National Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month.

“My #wcw today goes out to all the ladies who’ve ever felt afraid, or threatened, and to all of you who are survivors. Did you know that every day in the United States there are 804 incidents of sexual assault? Well April is National Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month, and I’m proud to see so many women, and men, taking a stand. Last year I dealt with months of terrifying threats on my life from a stalker, and one of the law enforcement officers I met with gave me some Sabre tools. He said, “listen, you shouldn’t HAVE to carry these, but until you feel safe enough not to, I want you to feel confident.” This month @sabresafety announced their partnership with@RAINN01, the world’s largest anti-sexual assault organization, to raise awareness about sexual assault. They are sharing survivor’s stories and empowering people to take control of their personal safety. A % of proceeds from the red alarm are being donated to RAINN, and for the whole month of April, donations made directly to RAINN with be MATCHED by donors! Now THAT gives me confidence that eventually we won’t have to feel afraid anymore. Thank you #Sabre for taking a stand with us – #SurvivorStories #SAAPM#RAINN

She honors the past and sees hope for a bright future.

“There are days when humanity gives me unending hope and fills my heart, and there are days when I see the way we treat one another and it feels like a gut-punch to the soul. Today we remember some of our darkest darkness. I’ve stood before the photographs in this hall, weeping. Staring at these faces. The mothers, sons, fathers, daughters, siblings . . . and wondered why? Why we look at our fellow man, people made of the same flesh and blood and beating hearts, and we see the “other.” Why definitions and distinctions that don’t serve our collective humanity become warped reasons to murder one another. To cause suffering that lives on for generations. For what? This day may be about history, but sadly we are not so far from this. We still turn a blind eye to suffering and subjugation and cruelty in the world. We allow differences to become breeding grounds for hatred rather than beautifully opportunities to learn. But somehow it feels like, and I hope, that the tide is turning. More and more young people are using their voices to demand change. Fairness. Equality. We want to see an end to bigotry, fear-mongering, and intolerance. We want peace. We see unity. We see one world. We see that we are global citizens. We see another’s face and want to know the person behind it. My deepest hope is that this feeling can be our future. That the stains on our history can ensure that we never go back there. That we #neverforget. Let the truths of the past hurt your heart, and then defend a better future, and justice, with all your might. Your voices matter. Use them well. #YomHashoah@yadvashem

She loves the earth.

“Last week I shared with all of you that for #EarthMonth, I’m partnering up with @EcoTools to help raise funds and awareness for @GlobalGreen. You guys have done an amazing job of sharing the ways that you love the Earth with our hashtag, #EcoInspire. Simple tips are being added every day! And today, here’s another one from me. Invest in a coffee mug or water bottle of your own. You can pick something that fits your style, and reduces your usage of disposables. I usually keep fresh lemon and mint in mine, which helps keep me on track to stay hydrated. It’s a great way to live beautifully! Keep following the stream, and let us know how you’re joining in our “Live Beautifully, Give Beautifully” campaign to help the environment!#EcoInspire #ConsciousnessIsChic

She’s passionate and caring.

“There are no words. 147 souls. 147 bright lights. Murdered in the name of what?! What. My heart aches for them, and for their families. Where is the outrage??#JeSuisKenyan #Pamoja #GarissaAttack #Kenya

She supports causes she truly believes in.

#fbf to the last day of one of our @pencilsofpromise school builds in #Guatemala with my sissy and my little nuggets. This was a great day.#EducationChangesEverything #POP

She cares deeply for humanity.

“I listen because I want to know this world more deeply. I want to talk about life. About love. About US. Not just make small talk. Humanity exists in our stories. Sharing them bonds us. #WhyListen @nprgenlisten#currentlylisteningto This American Life 550: Three Miles #ThisAmericanLife

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