Soothing videos of latte art being made are our new meditation go-tos

If you’re in need of a relaxing pastime, watch these soothing videos of latte art being made. It’s like an instant mediation and we can’t take our eyes off of it.

There’s no need to be your own baristawhen you can have someone else make your vanilla lattes. Okay, it would be cool to be able to make your own coffee, but what about the designs? It would be SO hard to create latte art.

Luckily, instead of making these coffee drinks — and their corresponding toppers — you can watch them be made. Trust us, it’s much more interesting than it sounds.

On Saturday, latte art videos took over Twitter and we are forever grateful. If you need a soothing activity, we highly recommend watching these videos. They will give you the happy feeling that you normally achieve by taking a bath.

This route however doesn’t require you putting bubbles and bath salts in warm water – aka it’s way easier and therefore much more relaxing.

Because we love looking at birds, hearts, and more designs be made out of steam milk, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite videos for you to watch. You’re welcome.

Rainbow Bird

This trippy video is all about tasting the rainbow…literally. Now if only we knew what kind of latte this was!

Coffee My Heart

Coffee equals love, and latte art equals major love. false

Liquid Gold

Seriously, we don’t know how to look away here. Is this chocolate? It looks like chocolate. false

These creative videos have us thinking about how we want to design the look of our next morning cup of joe.