Soooo the orchestral version of ‘Bad Blood’ is dramatic and amazing

If there’s any song that permits the use of a viking hat, it’s Christopher Tin’s orchestral cover of “Bad Blood.” The two-time Grammy-winning composer released a self-described “epic orchestral” of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” and man is it ever dramatic.

Taylor took to Twitter to share the cover, which apparently gave her some cinematic, sword wielding vibes. For the record, her assessment is 100% correct.

Tin first met Swift back in August during one of her many concerts at the Staples Center. Then, inspiration struck. “After listening to her perform ‘Bad Blood,’ I had an idea for a way to turn her song into an orchestral piece,” he writes. “And so I spent a few days putting together this (rather epic) arrangement for full orchestra.”

Now, prepare to visualize yourself gallantly standing at the bow of a massive ship with a misty, Nordic breeze whipping through your hair.

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