Sooo, Sriracha-flavored Jolly Ranchers might be a thing?!

In the latest edition of “candy that sounds so bizarre it just may be amazing,” word on the street is that Sriracha-flavored Jolly Ranchers might be a thing. Before the spicy candy enthusiasts in the room get too excited, we must warn you that the debut of sweet and spicy Jolly Ranchers are still just a rumor, and it’s a possibility that they’ll never grace the shelves of our local candy shop.

The Instagram account Candy Hunting has a solid record for accurately leaking information about new and exciting food and candy collaborations — and they say that Sriracha-flavored Jolly Ranchers will join the likes of Peeps Oreos and Kit Kat Sushi this summer.

According to the post, the Jolly Rancher Hotties line will include the flavors Watermelon Cayenne, Blue Raspberry Sriracha, Cherry Habanero, and Green Apple Ginger.


So if you’ve had the nagging craving for a spicy hard candy (hey, we don’t judge), 2017 could potentially be the summer of dreams — you just might be able to enjoy an endless supply of Blue Raspberry Sriracha Jolly Ranchers!