Soo…What is the rumor Cersei is talking about in last night’s “Game of Thrones”?

Spoiler alert! This post contains Game of Thrones spoilers, so turn back now if you’re not all caught up!

Now that Arya is alive and well, Game of Thrones fans need something else in to worry about, and that something is the ~~rumor~~ Qyburn (aka, the super creepy man who brought The Mountain back to life and turned him into Frankenmountain) mentioned to Cersei.


“That old rumor you told me about — my little birds investigated,” he says.

“Tell me, was it a rumor or something more?” she replies.

“More, Your Grace. So much more.”

How exactly does he have this juicy gossip? Well, remember when he told Cersei he’s going to use Varys’ “Little Birds” (who, as it turns out, are a bunch of kids who love candy). And the info they brought back to him is really important, we’re assuming.


Since we probably won’t find out until the season finale or next season (*wails*), we’re left to theorize. One theory that’s been going around the interwebs is that the rumor has to do with the Mad King Aerys and his supply of Wildfire. If Qyburn was trying to find out if there’s Wildfire left, and how much, this could mean Cersei may try to use it. She was, after all, just told there will be no trial by combat (Cersei was going to use The Mountain and avoid an actual trial, which she would positively lose). What tricks does Cersei have LEFT up her probably-expensive-silk sleeves? Wildire.


It’s not just the subtle clues that point to Wildfire (Cersei repeatedly saying she’ll burn the city to the ground, Jaime telling Edmure HE would burn cities to ashes to get back to Cersei), it’s that Bran’s vision did include green flames. So like, we KNOW it’s coming, we just don’t know WHEN or WHERE.


Will Cersei really solve this whole High Sparrow problem by igniting King’s Landing? It seems kinda drastic, but maybe? Her other option may be getting locked up in a cell for the rest of her life, so like, YOLO?

Hopefully we find out soon.