The queen of skin care, Sonya Dakar, is blessing us with a n​ew contouring ​eye serum

There are some people out there in the world who have truly found their magnetic vibration. They know their strengths and how to market themselves, and it shows in their wildly successful online and IRL presence. This is exactly how we feel about the Hollywood darling Sonya Dakar’s skin care empire. She has found an area she excels in and sprinted with it.

Whether she’s telling us about the difference between eye cream and moisturizer, or she’s acting as an esthetician for celebrities, Sonya is nothing if not a busy and formidable (in a positive way) woman in the world of skin care.

However, Sonya has taken a moment in her latest endeavor to bless us mere mortals with a brand new contouring eye serum.

The sun is surely shining upon our previously forsaken faces.

The new Superlift contouring eye serum is now available in complimentary sample sizes with any order from Sonya Dakar!

This is while supplies last, so we recommend you get on it.

If you already have full faith in Sonya’s vision, you can also purchase a full size of the Superlift eye serum for $111.

The serum itself is paraben free, fragrance free and sulfate free for minimal irritation to sensitive skin. It contains the powerhouse ingredients: Essential Amino Acids (assisting with collagen production), Copper Complex (reactives enzymes for elastin production), Vegetal Hyaluronic Acid (increased moisture and hydration), and Maca Root extract (for firmness).

We can already sense the skin care junkies lining up for this product in the whispers of the wind.