Sony just greenlit a rom-com about the trials and tribulations of sexting, and, finally

Dating in today’s world is hard. There’s e-mail, texting, sexting, weird dumb “rules” about who should be the next one to reach out or make plans. It’s genuinely exhausting, and in our opinions, way more confusing than it needs to be. Oh, and did we mention sexting?? (Yes, we know we did, but that’s how confusing it is!).

And Deadline just let us know that Sony is developing a rom-com that might actually speak to our problems. It’s (tentatively) titled  Love in the Time of Dick Pics, and yes it’s about this exact phenomenon. And it’s being helmed by a woman, which is pretty awesome! Director Nicole Larson has worked on Melissa & Joey andthis year’s breakout hit This Is Us, and this will be her first feature-length film.

Details about story and casting and release dates are scarce at the moment, but here’s what we do know: The movie is being described as “a timely romantic comedy about the illusion of choice — and just how hard it is to find the right person in a sea of options that range from polite, to lewd, to nude.”

Relatable AF? You don’t say.

We’ll be grabbing advance tickets to this one, because it’s surely gonna be hilarious and probably painfully real. Something to watch with your girlfriends? Yes. Something to watch with your guy friends? Yes. Essential viewing.

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