The 10 Best Songs for Brides to Walk Down the Aisle To, DJ’s Say

From the classics like Canon in D, to newer tunes by Taylor Swift, here's what should be strumming while you stroll.

While most couples think the “first dance” song will be the most memorable, the song you choose to actually walk down the aisle to, matters too.

“I tell couples it’s the most important song they will choose,” says Tony Mancuso, a wedding DJ based in Florida and New York. “The song you pick while you walk down the aisle is the first focus moment of the day, and can set a perfect mood for not only your ceremony — but the entire day.”

No pressure, right? There’s tons of details to attend to and anyone who’s ever planned or even been to a wedding knows just how important the music is. When people are discussing whether the filet mignon was overcooked or not, the second thing they’ll usually talk about is how good the entertainment was.

That said, while the reception is a fun time to celebrate, the ceremony is what brought your guests together in the first place. And that moment when you walk down the aisle, are “given away,” and handed over to your new significant other, is just downright magical.

You’ll also want to keep tempo in mind, and how slowly (or quickly) you want to get to the end. Moving too fast might ruin those money shots your photographer will be grabbing, so it’s definitely worth giving this some thought.

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So whether you choose a band, a DJ, an orchestra or a jazz quartet, it all boils down to how much your guests enjoyed it — and how memorable it was for you and your spouse. We asked Tony and the other DJ’s at Platinum Entertainment to share the top 10 songs brides will be choosing to walk down the aisle to in 2023.

1. “Canon in D”

This song, composed in 1680, remains a classic and romantic choice. “It’s the modern choice to the typical ‘Here Comes The Bride,'” says Mancuso.

Whether you choose Pachelbel’s original composition, or are looking for a slightly more modern version by the likes of The Brooklyn Duo (which Mancuso often recommends to couples), this song is a stunningly beautiful song to stroll down the aisle to.

2. Christina Perri – “A Thousand Years”

From the first haunting notes on the piano to the moment the lyrics come in, this song is an emotional wave. Christina Perri says everything a couple is thinking in her first few words. “By the time the chorus hits, there isn’t usually a dry eye in the house,” shares Mancuso. “This instant classic melts you with promises of a love beyond forever and before you even knew each other,” he adds.

Looking for an instrumental version instead? Try the cover by violin virtuoso Alan NG.

3. Bright Eyes – “First Day of My Life”

Who can resist a song about love at first-sight?

“This song captures what it’s like to be lost before meeting that special someone and how nothing will ever be the same now that you have found them. This song is a simple acoustic tune but its weight is powerful in its message,” states Mancuso.

4. Ed Sheeran – “Tenerife Sea”

The first lines of this song are “You look so wonderful in your dress, I like your hair like that…” You can take this for a truly literal meaning or a more metaphorical one of one’s appreciation for their partners beauty.

“Either way, it’s no doubt that Ed Sheeran is one of the voices of this generation and his songs have infiltrated weddings in a big way,” says Mancuso. “This one in particular is a beautiful song for that slow-tempo walk down the aisle.

5. The Beatles – “Here Comes The Sun”

A slightly more upbeat choice, this song about rebirth is a metaphorical home-run as a choice for walking down the aisle to, affirms Mancuso.

“With lines like ‘Little Darlin, it’s been a long cold lonely winter…it feels like years since we’ve been here,’ it speaks to two completely separate people coming out of the cold and into the warmth of a new day, together,” he explains.

6. Various Artists – “Hallelujah”

While the discussion on which is the best version of this song continues, there is no argument of the pure incredible beauty of this angelic hymn.

“The lyrics are a heart-wrenching tapestry of beauty and pain,” says Mancuso. Having trouble choosing the version you like best? “Why not opt for an instrumental version?” asks Mancuso. “We recommend the cover done by The Vitamin String Quartet.”

7. Taylor Swift – “Lover”

Swifties, rejoice. Your love for T-Swift’s music can play a part in your special day of love.

“This Taylor Swift track speaks to a familiar and simple love, that Sunday morning kind of love,” says Mancuso. “It’s a beautiful track about knowing you have your soul mate and the ease that comes with it,” he explains. Mancuso says something light and beautiful like this is the perfect choice for an outdoor ceremony.

8. The Cinematic Orchestra –  “Build A Home”

“This simple and beautiful tune hits like a ton of bricks,” says Mancuso. “The lyrics speak to building a life together and spending it with each other, from the beginning til the end, making it an absolutely a wonderful choice for your wedding day.”

9. The Beach Boys – “God Only Knows”

Typically known for their upbeat songs about the sun and the sand, this SoCal legendary group also produced some melodic ballads with beautiful intentions. “When you find that one, i.e. your forever person, only God knows what would lie ahead without them, whether you believe in God or not,” says Mancuso.

“This song says everything you need to say to your partner as you get ready to join them at the end of that aisle. It’s not just a song, it’s a prayer to the heavens above that somehow you can truly ever show your gratitude for the gift of each-other,” he adds.

10. Various Artists – “Can’t Help Falling In Love”

With lyrics that stand the test of time, this tune is an ode to love at its best.

“While the King (Elvis Presley) may have done it best, Kina Grannis’ cover is simply beautiful too,” says Mancuso. “Her breathy and angelic voice makes this a great modern version of this song to choose to walk down the aisle to.”

Want this song sans words? Try the cover by famed celloist Vesislava.

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