The perfect playlist for everyone who loves food

It was only a matter of time before it happened: A song has officially been written about (or inspired by) the edible heaven that is bacon and we have the youngest of the Jonas Brothers to thank. According to, one of the tracks off Nick Jonas’ new album, Last Year Was Complicated, will be entitled “Bacon.” Jonas kinda confirmed the news:

Seeing as this album will supposedly be about “reliving some of these real life experiences through music,” the song could be about literally anything, but we’re going to say, for now, that it’s an ode to bacon, which has in turn inspired us to revisit all our favorite food-related songs. Here are the yummiest tunes.

Cookie Jar,” by Gym Class Heroes


No food-related song list would be complete without this club jam from Gym Class Heroes. The tune, which features The-Dream, is one long extended metaphor for the many flavors and colors of womanhood.

Every song ever sung by The Pizza Underground


Macaulay Culkin & Friends pay tribute to one of the greatest bands and one of the greatest foods in history with Pizza Underground, a band dedicated to covering songs by The Velvet Underground—and changing all the lyrics to reflect their shared love of pizza.

Applesauce,” by Animal Collective


Leave it to alt-psychedelic band Animal Collective to create a stunning song not just about applesauce, as the title suggests, but the entire world of fruit. Mix in five-and-a-half minutes of footage of model Lindsey Wixson, famous for her bee-stung lips, chomping on what looks to be a plum and it’s the ultimate tribute to our seeded friends.

Last Donut of the Night,” by J Dilla 


Before succumbing to complications from the autoimmune disorder lupus at the age of 32, J Dilla was one of the most renowned rappers and producers to ever grace the world of hip-hop. His final studio album, 2006’s Donuts, features four tributes to the delicious treat, which in turn inspired an uncle of the late producer to found Dilla’s Delights, a soon-to-be-opened donut shop, in his hometown of Detroit, MI.

Schnitzel Boogie,” by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti


Pink-haired Cali rocker Ariel Pink is above all a man of quirky tastes, and has been praised just as much for his soulful psychedelic rock songs as for his absurd one-offs like “Schnitzel Boogie” from 2012’s Mature Themes.

Tapas,” by Action Bronson


“I’m on the art and the food scene,” says Action Bronson on 2012’s “Tapas.” Long before he was a world-famous rapper and TV personality, Bronson was a trained chef. And while he no longer works in a kitchen for a living, Bronson is definitely not over his food obsession. He currently hosts Vice’s web show-turned-TV program, F**k, That’s Delicious, and will release a cookbook of the same name in 2017.

Breakfast In Bed,” by Dusty Springfield 


How do you comfort a friend (and hopefully soon-to-be-lover) after a bad breakup? Offer them breakfast in bed in the smoothest and most soulful way possible.

Liquorice,” by Azealia Banks


New York rapper Azealia Banks has never had hard time making a lasting impression. That’s especially clear in “Liquorice,” her uber-sexy (and NSFW) tribute to black girl magic and all the perks that come with it.

Buttered Popcorn,” by The Supremes


Nothing much to say here other than that this is the best tribute to everyone’s favorite movie theater treat.

Strawberry Bubblebum,” by Justin Timberlake


Leave it to everyone’s favorite *NSync member to dedicate an ultra-ambient R&B song to a woman who “said ‘hey hey hey,’ smackin’ that strawberry bubblegum.” (Don’t worry, he returns the favor as her “blueberry lollipop” in the song’s bossa nova-inspired second half.)