The Song You NEED To Hear Today (Exclusive Premiere!)

The first single off our bb Natalie Angiuli’s (this isn’t her first time on HelloGiggles) brand new album Electric is this DOPE song called Chaser. It was described by Andy Hermann, who’s slightly more musically literate than me, as “a neon-bright electro-pop anthem with bubbly synths and a soaring chorus pitched somewhere between two of Natalie’s recent inspirations, Katy Perry and CHVRCHES.” I think that sounds great. I don’t totally know what it means, but I DO totally know how Chaser makes me feel, and that is like DANCING. It’s exactly what I need as summer fades away, one last song to hold onto the heat, the freedom, and the fun of these past few months!

Are you listening? Are you dancing?

Get the song on iTunes here.

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P.S. Take a closer listen to the lyrics. NAT GIRL, YOU’RE SPEAKING TO OUR SOULS.

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