People are noticing something weird about the “fingers crossed” emoji

There’s no doubt about it — emojis have made communication faster, more effective, and a lot more fun. But as users of the latest Samsung updated keyboard have noticed, something isn’t quite right with the fingers crossed emoji. Can you guess what it is?

The emoji in question has six fingers -- five regular fingers and an extra thumb.

As reported by DigitalSpy, emojis for all smartphones are approved by the Unicode Consortium. After the emojis have been developed, they are sent to tech companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung, who then edit the emojis to fit their own style.

This mistake, first spotted by Dustin Howett of Emojipedia, must have just slipped through the cracks!

Action has been taken to fix this blooper, but until then, users are having fun across social media pointing out the error to their followers and making Inigo Montoya references...

H/T Digital Spy