Something You Need Right Now: Snack Backpack

In today’s edition of, “Excuse me, where can I get one of those?!” I give you the snack backpack. Don’t be fooled by its name. It is not a backpack full of snacks, even though that would be awesome and a great use for it. No, this backpack is even better: it’s actually a backpack made entirely out of snacks.

Before you start trying to find one of these on Etsy, stop right there: it’s actually something you make yourself. It all began in South Korea, where a student fashionista started making backpacks out of snacks. I don’t know who the first girl to do this was, but she should receive some sort of prestigious award.

From there, the idea took off with more and more students making these bags, and they got more and more complicated and intricate. Just think about how many snacks you will have at your willing disposal every hour of the day carrying around this marvelous thing! Might others give you an odd look as you walk down the street toting one? Totally, but they’re just jealous due to their lack of snacks. Considering some other weird fashion trends as of late, this one is pretty tame — and, most importantly, edible. It’s all about maximum snack consumption.

When I said this was something you could do yourself, I wasn’t kidding. If you want your very own snack backpack you’ll need two things:

  1. Tape. Like, packing tape. Something sturdy.

You’ll need a sturdy base for the bottom of your backpack, like a bag of chips or a tray or Oreos. Then it will need walls to hold in whatever you put in your backpack (probably, more snacks), so flat things will work best, like movie theater candy that you can find super cheap at any big grocery store. Also, you can’t forget straps. These will secure the backpack to your back (obviously) for your many adventures with it. Those little packs of Twizzlers will work wonders for straps, or if you can find them, those delicious Nerd ropes. Let your imagination run wild as you make it, because there is no right or wrong way to build one. Just a bunch of deliciousness.

The most important step is to tape everything together. Make sure it is secure so nothing falls apart on your beautiful creation. Once you’ve assembled it as you wish, you’re good to go off into the world and enjoy your snackpack.

Warning: I wouldn’t recommend using this in inclement weather, or trying to carry your laptop in it. Save the tough jobs for something that isn’t made out of Teddy Grahams.

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