Something Borrowed From My Father’s Closet

When my dad turned 60, a lot of things happened. He took a Pilates class, started collecting wine, advised his 24-year old daughter to start a fashion blog and somewhere in there, he discovered his love for obnoxious race car branded polo shirts. And yes, my dad is very straight.

There were plenty of oxford shirts to steal and turn into “boyfriend” wear, but let’s face it, that’s been done. The whole point of this column was to style an outfit with the most unlikely, random piece I could find in other people’s closet (last time I hit up my granny’s digs!). The challenge of pulling off a bright red branded polo shirt seemed fair.

How I did it:

The trick was rolling up the sleeves to flatter my arms and wearing an even louder bottom so the look could across as edgy. When it comes to polos, I always encourage a pop. To show off the collar even more, put your hair up. It will also keep the shirt looking clean. The leopard skirt was a gem I found at Forever21 recently. I needed something form fitting on bottom to offset the bagginess of the shirt. These $30 pumps from Target are pretty much my #1 go-to these days. Nude shoes help elongate your legs, so get a pair if you don’t have them already.

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Images by Shideh H. Miller

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