Beware: Someone is trying to majorly scam Kylie Lip Kit customers

Only the mean monsters of the internet would prey on our weakness like this. Like come on, have a little compassion. Some super-gross-big-meanie-pants is taking advantage of Kylie Lip Kit fans in the worst way.

A Kylie Cosmetics fan account (lavishly_luxurious) posted that a spam email was going around telling VIPs that they had won a giveaway hosted on Kylie’s app. Unfortunately, this user was not alone. Comments started rolling in from other VIPs who have gotten the same email.


The e-mail innocuously states,


The moment to ship your free lipkits is finaly [sic] here and we are just as excited as you are!

All you need to do know is fill in your shipping details and you’re done!

The expected delivery time is 5 days, all expenses are paid by us.


Clicking the link to claim your “prize” prompts users to fill out endless surveys and download sketchy apps. Even worse, it totally crushed Lip Kit fans who thought they had finally gotten their hands on King Kylie’s coveted liquid lipsticks.

Sure, the grammar in the email is a pretty good sign that it’s on the shady side but WHO CAN THINK CLEARLY WHEN LIP KITS ARE ON THE LINE? Many believe this is happening due to a security breach in Kylie’s website last month.

So what did we learn today? Don’t open emails from [email protected], the internet is still a cruel place, and if you want to get your hands (and lips) on the Kylie Lip Kits, you’re gonna have to work for it. Womp womp.

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