Someone stole $30,000 worth of Nutella and then things got really nuts

You read that correctly. A Canadian stolen auto ring was busted recently, but cars and cash weren’t the only things recovered. Out of the $5 million of stolen goods discovered, our fave Nutella spread was also on the list with a $30,000 price tag.

Dealership tycoon Bill Dhaliwal was involved in an intricate scheme involving stolen cars, drugs and kidnapping. We’re not exactly sure how the hazelnut treat fit into the crime ring, but police reported that a truck load was stolen and then sold for 50 cents a pop!

We realized everyone loved Nutella, but had no clue folks would take it to this extreme.

Det. Sgt. Paul LaSalle of Toronto, like many others, was impressed by the scale of the operation. Dubbed as “Project Cyclone,” the organized crime ring seemed to want to get their hands on a little bit of everything. It was definitely a case of the “sticky fingers.”

Also recovered from the scene were e-cigarettes, alcohol and crates of beer. Maybe opening up their very own strip mall was on the horizon for the thieves? We’re not sure, but things are getting pretty nutty as more info is uncovered.

As for the fate of the thieves — all 22 will be going away to a Nutella-free zone for a very long time.