Ahh! Someone cut a Teddy Ruxpin into pieces to see how it worked and now we’re sad

Since the pursuit of knowledge is apparently more important than not shattering our hearts in a million pieces, the inquisitive individuals at YouTube’s What’s Inside? sawed into a Teddy Ruxpin to see how it works, Gizmodo reports. If you don’t consider this a travesty because it’s wreaking havoc on your precious childhood memories with your bear-y best friend, then perhaps the fact that this particular (formerly) mint condition Teddy Ruxpin is worth $500 will convince you to share in our outrage.

The video titled “What’s Inside the Original Teddy Ruxpin?” is seven and a half minutes of torture as poor Teddy is literally ripped apart. Everything is exposed, including the back pouch that contains his cassette tape and all the other electronic inner workings that brown fur and overalls concealed from our kid eyes.

Just as the dismantling gets underway, Teddy’s held at knifepoint and ugh, this is SO not funny. The nostalgic struggle is so real right now.


Damn, y’all. Like, couldn’t they have just Googled the mechanics of this stuffed animal? Slicing into it just seems so harsh. And plus the old Teddy is likely about to become more valuable, given the fact that there’s officially a new and improved Teddy Ruxpin with LCD eyes, set to hit the market in August 2017.

Ah well, we completely understand the madness behind wanting to know how Teddy Ruxpin worked, but that doesn’t mean we have to agree with the method.