Someone recut the “Deadpool” trailer as a beautiful romantic drama

Back in early 2016, we were introduced to the Ryan Reynolds version of Deadpool — a superhero who somewhat redefined superheroes. While the movie was crass and hilarious, it was also a bit gory. That’s why seeing Deadpool recut as a drama is so intriguing. Who knew that at the heart of it, Deadpool was just a big old dramatic love story?

As we patiently await the release of the sequel (which is set to arrive in theaters next year) this trailer is the perfect way to tide us over. So, we’d like to thank the brave hero (or heroes) over at Mashable that created such a touching masterpiece.

We’re just curious as to what Deadpool himself would say in response to this.

While the whole thing is perfect, this one graphic at the end really ties it all together.


Since the movie was originally released around Valentine’s Day, maybe this was how it was originally meant to be seen. Then, y’know, it was edited into the raunchy action movie we got instead. (Too far of a stretch?)

We admit, we would have seen it no matter what — even if it caused us to cry tears of sadness as opposed to laughter. We just love the character of Deadpool (and Ryan Reynolds) that much.