Someone made a “Stranger Things” and “Twin Peaks” mashup theme song, and it’s glorious

Stranger Things, with its lovable characters, quintessential ’80s setting, and endless D&D references is a perfect little fictional universe. It has stolen all the Internet hearts since Netflix released the first season, and diehard fans will undoubtedly be waiting on the edge of their seats until it returns for season 2 in 2017.

Luckily, thanks to Vulture, we just found out that Seattle-based musician Prom Queen has given us a bad-ass gift to hold us over. Prom Queen took the Stranger Things theme song and the Twin Peaks theme song, and combined them for an utterly epic mashup. And it turns out that “Stranger Peaks” is everything we never knew we needed.

This is truly a mashup made in TV heaven. The two shows are set in small towns where mysterious crimes occur and are solved by quirky characters. Plus, the theme songs both have that signature throwback synth-pop sound that make them the perfect sounds to blend together.


Twin Peaks is a cult classic that was canceled in 1991 after just two seasons. However, the undying love from fans has brought this show back from the dead, and season 3 will premiere on Showtime in 2017, possibly around the same time Stranger Things returns.

Do I smell a potential crossover?

Please, TV gods. PLEASE.

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