Someone leaked what Starbucks’ holiday cups will look like, and the internet has FEELS about it

Last year’s all-red Starbucks holiday cups ignited an online mutiny, so we’re not surprised to see how people are reacting to what may be a sneak peek at Starbucks’ 2016 holiday cups. Reddit user DasUberSquid shared a photo of what appears (it has not been confirmed!) to be the 2016 red holiday Starbucks cups, captioning it “I peeked” (a reference to the “No peeking until November 10th” labels currently on every box of cups). Unsurprisingly, the abstract holly, berry, and bird-covered cups set the internet ablaze — nearly two weeks before the cups are to be officially revealed.

In a comment on Reddit, DasUberSquid wrote, “We got our red cups in, and being a curious person, I opened one up. I dig it!”

Are you ready to see (what may be) the 2016 Starbucks holiday design? You might want to sit down first…


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So what do you think, friends? Are you on board with the new cups? We’re pretty excited about the design, but we didn’t mind last year’s cups, either!

The reaction online has been mixed, but strong. Some people are thrilled with the cups…




While there’s another camp that firmly believes the cups look like they’re made from raw meat (!?)


Mostly, though, people are just really hoping there’s no outrage over these cups like there was last year.



Can we all agree to enjoy our peppermint mochas in peace this year? They’re delicious, no matter what the cups look like.