Someone invented a motorcycle swing attached to a crane, and it is absolutely dizzying

Life is short, so while you’re here, you might as well raise some hell and spend some time on the wild side, right? Pardon our random existential babble, but that’s what happens when you’re trying to make sense out of this mind-boggling motorcycle swing-on-a-crane invention. At the moment, we’re struggling to understand precisely WTF is happening here, and the vertigo we’re experiencing from watching this odd contraption isn’t helping at all.

Next to this infamous airplane-motorcycle-tightrope stunt and all those vomit-inducing fair rides from our childhood (shout out to the all-time classic pirate ship), this is the craziest ride we’ve seen in a while.

While we’re on the topic, we’d like to put a personal request to fair organizers across the country to please DON’T bother recreating this motorcycle-crane thingamajig because there’s no way in hell we’d PAY to ride.

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According to the ViralHog vid description, this stomach-turning ride took place in Peest, Netherlands last summer after the idea came to a group of friends who were drinking. Suddenly this entire scenario is beginning to make *so* much more sense — kind of.

While ordinary, non-death-wish-holders were probably somewhere inside their homes seeking refuge from the heat, this group of thrill-seekers were hanging out in a driveway doing this:

So, while we wait for our muscles to stop contracting involuntarily, we’ll try our best to find common ground with the people who thought riding a motorcycle attached to a giant swing was actually good idea, but first we might need to locate the nearest barf bag.