Someone Emma loves is probably going to die in the next “Once Upon a Time”

Hold on to your storybooks, because it looks like someone is going to pay the ultimate price on Once Upon A Time.

Spoiler alert if you’re not caught up with OUAT yet (you’ve got a few days before next Sunday’s big episode). Though our heroes have finally escaped the Underworld (save, for Hook), but it appears as though someone else has just found themselves with a one-way ticket back there. Worst of all? It looks like someone Emma loves dearly, judging by her grief stricken appearance in the trailer for “Last Rite.”

Oh no, deep breaths, so who is it gonna be? The only person we know it won’t be is Regina, since she’s present at the funeral in Storybrooke, too. That means that everyone else is in serious, grave danger. Whoever it is, as the trailer states, “Will break the heart of Storybrooke forever.”

For the first time, whoever’s dying is probably not Hook (because, you know, he’s already dead and still in the Underworld), and there are only so many times we as viewers can have our hearts ripped out of our chests over the maybe/maybe not death of Hook, you know? So this time, it’s not going to be Hook. It’s probably not going to be Henry, either, because that would simply be TOO SAD and he’s the Author now and he’s kind of important. We need Henry around.

That means it’s going to be someone else, and hearts are going to break just with this suggestion, but could it be Snow White? She is literally the heart of Storybrook (if not the heart of the show) and it’s no surprise that Ginnifer Goodwin is once again pregnant. A few episodes ago she was actually sent back to Storybrooke, away from the Underworld, so she could be with Baby Neal. Maybe Goodwin is also feeling the need to return home to her little ones (with husband Josh Dallas, which is TOO CUTE) and this is the perfect way to write her out of the show. There’d still be the opportunity for her to come back — because everyone on OUAT ALWAYS COMES BACK — but only when it’s convenient for her. Maybe.

Or, you know, it’s Robin Hood. OR SOMEONE ELSE. But it’s safe to assume that you should start freaking out about whoever’s in the grave, and get some tissues ready now. There are still three more episodes left of this season of OUAT, so prepare for the worst.