Someone dressed as a Minion ruined this guy’s lawn in Australia

It seems as if we’re seeing less “motivational Minion” posts on Facebook these days — yet while that’s kind of a relief, we never figured that bad Minions might start cropping up instead. Someone dressed up as a Minion slyly ruined a man’s lawn in Australia, and once you see the footage, you’ll realize it’s actually pretty funny.

The mischief started up in a town called Kalgoorlie, outside of the home of a man named Brad Nicklin. Nicklin chatted with WA Today and said that he noticed a segment of lawn was missing after he was outside nursing a hangover. (We’re loving how honest Nicklin is.)

He noted that the grass was missing in a peculiar way. “I noticed it was done with a shovel, not an animal, so I went through the [home security] cameras,” he said. What he saw would come as a surprise to anyone — a Minion, roughly six feet tall, digging the section of lawn out and running away with it. “We couldn’t stop laughing [when we saw the footage],” Nicklin admitted.

Nicklin was even laughing and smiling while being interviewed by GWN7 News, who showed off some of the footage from the security camera. It seems as if the character made popular through the Despicable Me film franchise had a gameplan, and stuck to it.

But the story gets weirder from there.

It seems like whoever pulled up the lawn knew Nicklin, since he got a friend request on Facebook from the culprit. Nicklin approved, and was quickly connected with “Carl Minion.” On the page, the costumed perpetrator shared plenty of visuals with the missing tuft.

And he managed to tag Nicklin in it. Judging by the profile, it seems as if Carl Minion documented everything.

It seems like lawn care is something that’s quite important to this Minion.

While the whole thing is bizarre, it definitely makes us smile. Even if their identity is never revealed, we hope that Carl Minion will try to make amends and offer to patch up Nicklin’s lawn in the future.