Someone dipped pizza in milk, and we are appalled and confused

Since food faux pas absolutely cannot be allowed on our watch, we have to keep calling them out as they happen. So, someone dipped pizza in milk and actually tried to pass it off as a great idea. Between this obviously confused individual and that misguided guy who put peas and mayonnaise on his pizza, we’re beginning to suspect that this is all a part of a secret campaign against pizza, led by people who say they love pizza more than you, but would *really*  love nothing more than to bring about its downfall.

Call us ridiculously dramatic and paranoid, but that’s our theory. Until sometimes else proves us wrong and explains this as one big mix-up among dissenting taste buds, we’re not inclined to believe anything different. Anyone who thinks they can do a better job explaining this culinary catastrophe, be our guests.

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As Mashable reports, a 20-year-old college student first tweeted this photo of pizza being dipped in milk. But she’s since made her Twitter profile private, presumably after receiving a ton of backlash. Naturally, someone else took the photo and re-posted it because there’s no way the world can go on without seeing this affront to pizza lovers everywhere. false

Yikes. Now, we’re all about innovation and finding an exception to rules. However, this is one time we’re going to have to invoke our personally appointed pizza power and insist that we, the people, reserve milk-dipping for Oreos.

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See there? Notice how one milk-dipping photo looks gross and the other doesn’t? If you don’t know the answer to that question, feel free to keep that bit of info to yourself. But do understand that you are officially part of the pizza problem.