Someone broke into Amber Rose’s home while she was sleeping

We understand people wanting to hang out with the celebrities they admire, and chill on their couches drinking wine and watching Netflix, but breaking the law is NOT the way to do it. Today in absolutely terrifying news, the LAPD confirmed an intruder broke into Amber Rose’s home while she and her son, Sebastian slept. According to TMZ, the unidentified man gained access to Rose’s San Fernando Valley home by breaking a kitchen window. And if that wasn’t terrifying enough, he stayed for four hours. Yes you read that right.

The intruder stayed in Amber Rose’s home for four hours.

Despite being in the model’s home for such a long period of time, somehow no one noticed his presence. Amber’s assistant even got up to make a snack while the intruder was still in the house and didn’t suspect a thing. And we’re officially freaking out!

It wasn’t until much later that Rose noticed the shattered glass from the broken window and put her detective skills to work. She decided to check her home surveillance footage where she found evidence of the man breaking in and leaving hours later.

In a statement to Us Weekly, the LAPD confirmed that Rose contacted authorities immediately after the incident.

“We can confirm that police responded to a call at Amber Levonchuck, also known as Amber Rose’s home,” the statement said. “No other details being given at this time.”

Thankfully no one in the star’s home was harmed during the home invasion and nothing was stolen.

In the last few months, there has been a string of attacks on the homes of celebrities including Emmy Rossum, Kendall Jenner, and Jaime Pressly. In fact, earlier that same day, armed robbers reportedly broke into rapper A$AP Rocky’s Beverly Grove home, just miles away from Amber’s residence, and made off with $1 million in cash and jewelry.

Again, we’re just so glad no one was harmed in these incidents.