Someone has already created a hairstyle inspired by Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino

You can count on millennials being obsessed with a few things — specifically, everything pink and everything unicorn (I mean, can you blame them?!). And since the latter has us all reeling, thanks in part to Starbucks, you know this trend is the real deal.

Now, the obsession has gone even further, thanks to one hairdresser who was inspired by Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino. If you love the candy-colored pink and blue drink, then you’ll love this hairstyle even more. After all, isn’t it all our wildest dream to match our drink to our hairdo?

The hair artist behind this look is Kelly Woodford, a Winnipeg-based stylist who is inspiring us to try some pastel hues this spring. Although the sweet look may be too much for some, we think it’s equal parts sassy and fun. When all is said and done, if you’re ordering something called a “unicorn frappuccino,” do you really have room to take yourself too seriously?

Kelly posted a video of the work in progress, and honestly, she pretty much nailed the unicorn hair trend. The ombre-colored dye literally looks like the Starbucks concoction, down to the pink, blue, and violet hues. And although we love the final result in a chignon, complete with a green Starbucks straw and all, we can’t deny the hair looks just as mesmerizing when it’s down.

This hair features a greyish-white base that melts into the rainbow of our dreams (literally). While we may not all be equipped for this transformation, we’re glad we can turn to Kelly’s Instagram to live vicariously through her clients who are, indeed, living this dream.

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