Someone did 100 layers of hair extensions because apparently we aren’t done with this yet

And so it continues. The 100 layers challenge will NEVER die. What started as relatively normal turned into everything from Jenna Marbles putting her own twist on the challenge to the vlogger who applied 100 layers of foundation and the one who freaked us TF out by trying 100 layers of fake tan. Now, yet another vlogger is fighting to keep this challenge alive, and it just might work, because she did 100 layers of hair extensions, and the result is a perfectly balanced combo of bizarre and kind of beautiful.

Vlogger Kayley Melissa layered 100 wefts of hair extensions, and, welp, OMG.

“You’ve seen the polish mountains, the 100 layers of liquid lipsticks, 100 layers of foundation,” she said. “Well welcome to the #hairmountain!”

Here’s her normal hair.

She’s got *great* hair, and is totally talented when it comes to all things hair. We totally get why her Insta has 80k followers.

Here’s her 100 extensions later.

“This is one hundred layers of hair weft,” she said. “It weighed close to 5 pounds and was literally the heaviest thing that has ever been on my head. Pretty sure. Hope you enjoy!

Holy crap. That is *so* much hair. We didn’t know how to even imagine 100 hair extensions, but clearly it’s quite a bulky situation to have happening on top of your head. Ack!

Watch the video below!

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