Your hands look like they deserve some sparkly bling

There are two important reasons why it’s time you treat yourself to a new piece of hand jewelry. Maybe you’ve got your nails looking all pretty with one of our nail tutorials. Then CLEARLY you need a cherry on top of that nail art sundae, which would be a cute ring. The second reason would be the complete opposite. What if your nails are totally bare and you’re looking for something to spice things up? Either way, ::slams gavel down::, you need this gorgeous ring.

Designer Melody Ehsani makes really unique jewelry and accessories. Perusing her website has me feeling like a kid in a candy store! Seriously, I want everything. This “North Star” ring especially caught my eye. Its edgy shape makes it kind of futuristic-looking, but the Austrian crystal stone almost gives it a classic “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” vibe. What a PERF contradiction! They also offer a hot styling tip: you can wear it as a midi ring if you get a size 3.

North Star ring, $32

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(Product shots via Melody Ehsani)