The solar eclipse in Cancer is happening next week—here’s what this means for your zodiac sign

The second eclipse of the season is here! The solar eclipse in Cancer occurs on June 21st, the day after the summer solstice, which means it’s an extra potent time to embark on new beginnings. Your emotionality and sentimentality will be heightened, allowing you to make heartfelt decisions that will lead you to your greater vision and purpose in the future. No pressure though, amirite? Just kidding!


It’s a great time to start making plans for the future. Search your heart and soul to find the new vision that will lead you to personal growth and evolution. Then, you’ll be able to make strides towards obtaining your goals and dreams.  


Are you feeling like you’re all talk and no action, Taurus? If so, you’ll be thirsting to take steps towards implementing your words into reality. Chatter is cheap; now is the time to manifest your desires. Use your smooth-talkin’ words for good.  


You’ve lost your sense of self during the past few months. Now, you’re ready to take back your personal power and give yourself the love you deserve. Rather than looking for confidence from others and outside sources, look within to boost your self-esteem. Glow up!  


Your emotions may be heightened at the moment, making every conversation and interaction with others feel intense. You’re allowed to feel your feels. Just understand that your family and friends love and support you no matter what and will stand by you through your moods.   


Have you been dreaming of a great escape? Although traveling may be complicated at the moment, you can start planning your ideal vacay or even set the scene in your home. This will inspire you to relax and chill on your dreams of worldly travel.  


A snappy remark from an acquaintance on social media will put you in a super irritable mood. Luckily enough, you have your squad by your side to silence the haters and give them the clapback they deserve in your defense, making you feel better.  


You’re about to crush it at work. You’ve been on edge waiting for your position to shift in a new direction; however, the changes are positive for you. You’re expecting bad news, but you’ll be met with exciting opportunities and compliments from your office supervisor.  


It’s time to dream the impossible dream. With the right incentive and energy, your visions can come true. Believe in yourself now to evoke your desires and passions. Don’t give up on your visions, as they will become real with unwavering determination. You got this!  


On one hand, you want to connect deeply, and on the other, you wish to be free. Finding a balance that works for you is hard, but you will be able to get there if you give yourself time to meditate on what you want.  


As you know, you get what you give in life. Now, you’re seeing that you have to put in a lot more effort to keep your relationships going. This means late-night phone sessions with your besties and crushes to keep the energy flowing positively.  


You’re exhausted with the injustices of the world—and who can blame you? Advocating for social justice is hard, especially when you’re standing up to the patriarchy. You’ll strategically plan your next moves to take a stand and fight for your beliefs. 


Now is the time to put the paintbrush to the canvas and access your innate artistic nature to create beautiful artwork for the world. Use your dreams as whimsical inspiration to show off your intoxicating art, which is full of romance, sentimentality, and seduction.  

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