Solange messily painted her eyelids with a royal purple shadow — it’s still a masterpiece

Solange is known for her natural beauty, her songs from the soul, and her fashion choices that look like they’re out of an art museum. She’s arguably a creative genius. Her latest artistic endeavor is something that we’ve all ended up with by accident after a long day/night — super messy and smudged eyeshadow. But this smudged eyeshadow was no accident. Solange messily slapped some purple on her lids and, in theory, it should look crazy. But we’re buying it 100%.

Somehow, Solange looks like she stepped out of an abstract painting. If we tried this look, our friends would tell us to get some rest.

Solange fans expected nothing less from their crafty queen. We’re LOL-ing at the idea that Blue Ivy may have had a hand in creating this look.





The singer has been experimenting with purple eyeshadow for some time now. She likes to keep her makeup fairly natural, but when a pop of color is needed, Solange often leans towards the purple palette.

Solange incorporated purples and pinks into most of her wardrobe and makeup choices in the music videos for her album, A Seat at the Table. Urban Outfitters even released an exclusive purple vinyl edition of the album.


Purple is the color of royalty, after all, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that purple is Solange’s color! Check out the queen’s video for Cranes in the Sky to get some purple inspiration.

Maybe the smudged purple eyeshadow look isn’t for everyone. If anything, Solange’s look should inspire you to step outside the box and take some colorful risks. You might be surprised to find that others start treating you like a work of art!

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