Solange Knowles says that making art helps her maintain her strength as a woman

If there’s one woman that we’re constantly inspired and in awe of it’s Solange Knowles. And now in a new interview with Solange has shared how she maintains her strength by making art.

Last year, Solange released her stunning and essential album A Seat at the Table. The album was an intense and integral meditation on Solange’s experiences, especially as a black woman, and it went on to land at the top of the Billboard album chart. The singer totally inspired us by giving us a behind the scenes look at her creative genius, and we’ve been totally taken aback by how beautiful and profound her performances and music videos have been.

Solange is also an inspiration to us in other ways, and we love that she doesn’t shy away from important topics like feminism and race. What’s more, we’re always getting style and fashion inspo from her, too. She is a true queen!

Now Solange Knowles has opened up about how, as a woman, she maintains her strength, and it’s pretty powerful stuff.

Speaking to CosmoSolange was quizzed about her work, and imparted some pretty profound wisdom. When asked about what all artists should know, the Houston-born singer said that it was failure.

“One of the things I’m most proud of about myself is my ability to fail in front of the world. You have to have that attitude when you want to experiment [in art, in music, in writing, or in fashion],” she said.

Solange was also asked about whether she ever gets tired of having to be strong, and her response is just too perfect.

"We as women face a lot of challenges on a daily basis — we have to stand firm in our walk and our intentions — but there are absolutely times when that weight feels too heavy, feels like a load that I just can't bear that day," she said. "I try to work through that in my ... art, whatever medium that might be. My live performance is based around the color red, and all the things that communicates as a woman to the world — fiery, really vocal, present, almost a kind of stubborn color — and redefining it as being very complex. "Being able to express that complexity, [I'm getting] a lot better at that the older I've gotten."

We love how candid Solange is about her experiences, and we find her words so inspiring, too. Her voice as an activist, singer, and woman is an essential one, and we totally agree with her when she says that being strong all the time can be exhausting. It’s refreshing to see someone in the public eye speak so openly about it, and to hear how they deal with those moments.

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