Solange Knowles just shared a powerful truth about feeling unsafe

Solange Knowles is absolutely everything, from our constant style goals (she is the face of Michael Kors’ FIRST street style campaign literally ever) to someone we’re just dying to hang out with. Too, we love Solange because she uses her platform to raise awareness of important issues. When it comes to encouraging dialogue surrounding racism in the U.S., Solange knows how to spark a conversation, and she just did it once again with this powerful truth.

This weekend, Solange went to a Kraftwerk concert in New Orleans with husband and her son and his friend.

She wrote that there were 1500 people in attendance, but hardly more than 20 black people. Like many black people, she became aware of this immediately, as it simply isn’t safe to be colorblind when it comes to a visible identifier like race. So she paid attention. false false false

A group of white people became upset with their presence, and threw fruit at Solange.

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She hopes this will be a learning experience for those who still argue that racism is over, and race doesn’t matter anymore.

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Racism is real, it still exists, and trying to deny it only forces black people and people of color to validate their own experiences over, and over, and over again, making it impossible for us as a nation to have the dialogues we need to be having about the issue.

And Solange reminds us that black people who call out racism are often shamed for doing so.


She also shared an Instagram of the hate she’s received since speaking out.

It’s straight up disgusting. The backlash faced by those who dare speak up is just another way that we attempt to silence marginalized groups to protect the privileged, and it’s not okay.

Thanks for speaking up, Solange. We’re sending nothing but love.