Solange Knowles just deleted her Twitter account, but not before posting a political call-to-action

Celebrities delete their Twitter accounts all the time, and for a variety of reasons. But this may be the most inspiring and empowering social media bow-out we’ve ever seen.  Solange Knowles deleted Twitter following the events in Charlottesville, and her grievances point to a general disappointment in the state of affairs in America. We’re sad to see Knowles go, but we respect her decision and applaud her desire to make a statement.

Another Twitter user managed to screenshot the last tweet that Knowles made before she left, referencing an activist who was arrested for helping tear down a Confederate statue in North Carolina.

She also posted a message to Instagram stories about her need to practice self-preservation in these conflict-riddled times. She mentions her son, and her worries over the world he is being brought up in.

We’re applauding Solange’s strong, raw, and honest words. The more people who stand up and remind the world that what happened in Charlottesville is simply and purely unacceptable, the louder a message of hope becomes.

And of course, these big, important issues aside, some fans are super sad to see Solange go.

But don’t worry — Solange still has her Insta feed and updates it regularly with a combination of shots from her shows and from her everyday life.

Whatever you decide to do, Solange, we so admire the way you stand up for social justice and what you believe in. You’re leading by example, and we are certain it will make a difference.

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