Solange Knowles is giving us outfit goals in these amazing, shiny pants

Solange Knowles is a huge fashion icon. She’s not afraid to take chances, and even her wedding party looked like an editorial shoot. So it makes sense that every time she leaves the house, she looks absolutely fantastic — but in that cool girl way where you’re jealous but you can’t hate her, because you really, really want to be her friend.

It was no different when she went to a Michael Kors event in London to rub elbows with some other very famous and stylish ladies (like another one of our faves, Jessica Chastain). She was wearing pants that will from now on be referred to as The Pants, because no other pants can match up — seriously, they were that good.

So good, in fact, that she posted not one but TWO videos to her Instagram account, and we were blessed with the shiny magic of The Pants from all angles:

See how they SHINE? See how they sparkle in the sun and catch all the light? And we’re sure they would look just as good indoors, as well, or at night running through the streets, catching glimmers of streetlights and headlights. Sigh.

Here’s the other video:

She looks fantastic, and she KNOWS it. You go, Solange.

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