Solange Knowles answers the hardest question about Selena Quintanilla’s music, proving she’s a true fan

Even after 22 years of her passing, Selena Quintanilla continues to touch our hearts with her legendary music. Artists like Kat Von D, Keke Palmer, Selena Gomez, and Solange Knowles have all paid tribute to the queen of cumbia. So it wasn’t surprising that Beyoncé’s baby sister shared her love for Selena once more during her feature in Interview Magazine.

The Houston-born singer looks radiant on the cover of Interview Magazine with her “no makeup, makeup” look. It only makes sense that Beyoncé interviewed Solange, as the two sisters had an incredible 2016 with their groundbreaking albums and dedication to uplifting women.

It’s not surprising that the Texas-native Solange has major love for Selena Quintanilla’s classic tunes like “I Could Fall in Love” and “No Me Queda Mas.” We all do! The minute we hear that soft, slow ballad, we just want to put on our hoop earrings, bedazzled bustiers, and bust out our tortilla rollers to use as microphones!

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In the interview, Beyoncé tells her sister she’s going to do a speed round, asking the two hardest questions any Selena fan would have trouble answering:

"No Me Queda Mas" or "I Could Fall in Love?"

We admire Solange for answering the Lemonade singer’s hard-hitting journalism questions by saying:

"This is so unfair! "No Me Queda Mas."

Huge props to Solange for being able to pick one song! While no one will ever be able to outdo Selena, we do love when artists pay tribute to our queen, like this one of Solange covering “I Could Fall in Love.”

If only our angel Selena was here to see how much of an impact her music has had on SO many people.

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