Solange just celebrated her 30th birthday by sharing a super positive message

Solange has been especially radiant lately. She just turned 30 this past weekend, and it seems like she’s finally hitting her stride — the girl is glowing from the inside out! She posted a beautiful picture of herself on Instagram on her birthday, with a beautiful message talking about her life so far:

The caption reads:

This note is a fantastic reminder to all of us who feel like we are constantly making mistakes. It’s a reminder to those of us who have panic attacks, and toxic friends, and bad relationships, and who are called “crazy” by people who couldn’t possibly know us. It’s a reminder to those of us who feel sometimes like things are over, when really, we are just getting started. Solange is so right — things aren’t over until we say they are, and she is certainly not willing to say that yet. She continued to celebrate her birthday with her loved ones, and posted some more gorgeous photos to her Instagram over the weekend.

Solange, here’s to 30, and every single year after.

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