We’re hopelessly devoted to this Grease-inspired eyeshadow palette

Grease is the word, and so is this Sola Look makeup palette. Yes, you read that correctly. Sola Look is releasing a Grease-inspired eyeshadow palette just in time for the film’s 40th anniversary. Can you even believe the iconic movie has been around for that long?

While we don’t have too much info on Sola Look’s Grease-inspired eyeshadowpalette yet, we do know that it’s themed around the Pink Ladies. The packaging has their signature pink hue, and it features pictures of Rizzo, Frenchy, Jan, and Marty. You’ll certainly feel like you’re part of the Pink Ladies when you get dolled up using this palette.

As Rizzo would say, “Okay girls, let’s go get ’em.” By get ’em, we mean you should get this palette.


Sorry Danny and Sandy, but it’s all about the Pink Ladies!

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You can hide your hickey from Kenickie (that’s a quote from the movie) or match your baby pink hair, if you have it like Frenchy’s, to your shadow with this palette. Although we’re crossing our fingers there’s a yellow shade, so we can quote the line where Doody tells Frenchy that she looks like a “beautiful blonde pineapple” when they go to prom. It’s the little things.

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Since Sola Look has kept their movie and TV collabs true to the character’s style — like its Dirty Dancing palette and the Saved by the Bell lipsticks — we hope they do the same for this Grease one! Tbh, we’re already hand jiving just thinking about what the eyeshadow shades look like.

Keep your eyes peeled on Sola Look’s website and Instagram, because all we know is that the Pink Ladies palette is coming soon. Since we know the film’s 40th anniversary falls on June 16th, we have a feeling it will launch before then.

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