Sofia Vergara looked less than enthused to attend a football game in the cold, and, we GET it

Were you ever a cheerleader? Or in marching band, or color guard? Then you know how cold it can get while supporting your team! Actress Sofia Vergara braved the cold for a football game that husband Joe Manganiello wanted to see, and judging by her facial expression alone, we can totally relate.

Vergara and Manganiello were in Massachusetts at the AFC championship game this Sunday, where the Steelers played the Patriots. Dressed in black and gold, it was apparent which team they were supporting.

But, what truly makes her photo spectacular (aside from the powerful and hilarious look on her face) are the hashtags she used. Vergara definitely has a way with words.

Vergara, who is making us feel chilly both inside and out in this picture, wants the world to recognize one thing.

She totally #thegoodwife

She’s a good wife for many reasons. Not only is she supportive of Manganiello’s hobbies, but she’s willing to travel far and wide to make him happy.

Also, she’s incorporated a lot of Steelers gear into her wardrobe.

Surely Manganiello is more than happy about that.

Unfortunately, the Steelers lost the game — so, surely Manganiello needed his wife’s comfort more than ever.

Vergara admitted her husband’s obsession last year, during an appearance on The Tonight Show.

"He's not a fan. He's, like, obsessed," Vergara said. "He's like a sick person. I think it's one of the most important things in his life."

That said, we’re sure to see more photos of Vergara in her Steelers best in the years ahead!

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