Sofia Vergara lets Joe Manganiello dress her and it’s pretty hilarious

We’ve all been there. We think it’s a cute idea to have our boyfriends dress us for the day because we love them and they’re just so adorable. But when the time comes to actually put on the outfit, you discover he has dedicated a whole section of his closet to football gear that is magically your size! What’s a girl to do? OK, maybe it hasn’t happened to all of us, but Sofia Vergara let Joe Manganiello dress her this weekend that’s exactly how it went down. The outfit is terribly hilarious. (Or just terrible? We’re on the fence.)

Just in case you were wondering, Manganiello really does lovelovelove the Steelers. In a picture Vergara posted to Instagram, she’s decked out in a Jersey, leggings, baseball cap and some kind of shawl, Vergara could be a walking advertisement for the team. She captioned the pic, “When u ask your husband to pull for you a cute weekend outfit #ImStayinIn.” I mean, it is Halloween, so maybe she could just go as someone who cares about football?

When Vergara married Manganiello she knew that he was a big Steeler’s fan

“He’s not a fan. He’s, like, obsessed,” she told Fallon last month while on The Tonight Show. She added, “he’s like a sick person. … I think it’s one of the most important things in his life. It’s not just football, it’s the Steelers. The Pittsburgh Steelers.”  Judging by all of that swag he was able to come up with for her outfit this weekend, we believe it.

But if you think she is so over it, think again. Loving her husband’s obsession is just part of their relationship. 

Vergara told Fallon, “I love how he enjoys it. It’s better that he’s addicted to that and not something else. He’s home in his whole outfit instead of out somewhere gambling with strippers!” She has a point, right?

His obsession with his team and his fashion sense when it comes to women’s Steeler merch is pretty adorable all around. And you know what they say, right? The couple that rocks football gear together, stays together. At least they do now.