Sofia Vergara just proved she looks ridiculously amazing in literally ANY outfit

We just ADORE Sofia Vergara. She’s lovely AF, she’s stunningly beautiful, and she’s our classiest style goals. Plus, she’s so, so talented and freakin’ hilarious. We’re so envious of her ability to rock literally *any* look and still look like a total queen, and with her willingness to try something new!

Like, check out this killer look:

Hello, curls! She looks AH-MAZING.

And this one?

"From Russia with ❤️😂😂," she captioned the photo.

Totally, totally gorgeous. We’re digging these looks!

Beyond her stunning beauty, though, Vergara piqued our interest with her comment about a secret project.

"#modernfamily #secretproject" she captioned the set.

It’s not the first time she’s gotten us all curious about a ~secret project~.

Last week, she posted:

"Secret proyect!! 😂😂😂😂😂 #modernfamily," she captioned the photo.

Like, what is she talking about? What’s this secret project? We need to know, like, ASAP, you guys! We love Modern Family *so* much, so we’ll be waiting to figure out what all of this is about.