Sofia Vergara had the best Thanksgiving ever and now we’re taking notes for next year

In the age of social media, holiday festivities have become even more competitive. We don’t even have to argue about who makes the most delicious pie when we can post photos of our delicious holiday spreads. But this year, there’s no competing. Sofia Vergara had the best Thanksgiving of all, and we’d do best to not argue the facts.

Whether she’s telling Ellen about her wedding or supporting Stand Up To Cancer by way of selfie, Sofia has made it abundantly clear that she knows how to have a good time! Her series of Instagram photos this Thanksgiving proved that she may have had more fun than the rest of us.

Her hat is truly a work of kitsch art.

The table looks both abundantly and elegantly set up for dinner.

Even the babies at the kid’s table look satisfied with the food.

She wasn’t alone in her choice of poultry hat, Sofia’s husband, Joe Manganiello, also decided to stuff his head in a turkey.

We’re swooning even more because these two lovebirds are seriously the cutest!

In fact, the turkey hats may have been mandatory at this Thanksgiving dinner.

They actually look pretty comfortable. Plus, only Sofia can make a turkey hat look fabulous AF.

There was even a chocolate turkey that Sofia gobbled on.

Also, there were GOATS there!

We are thankful for goats interacting with babies and handsome men.

The whole family looked pleased with the festivities.

We’ll let Sofia win this year, but next year we’re coming out guns a blazing with our own chocolate turkeys.

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