Sofia Vergara both adores and hates tiny food, once again proves she is SO us

We’ve got this thing for Sofia Vergara and her love for food, especially dessert. She’s already so beautiful and lovely and perfect, but the fact that her appetite rivals ours makes us feel like maybe, just maybe, we have something in common with the star, and that makes us feel closer to ~fame~. Obviously, we’re about it.

In a recent Insta, Sofia Vergara posted an apology to the tiny dessert on her plate.

“You are too small for me ?,” she wrote.

We definitely know what it feels like when you order something at a ~chic~ restaurant and end up with something super pretty, but also itsy-bitsy. We’re always filled with a *little* bit of disappointment. After all, why spend a lot for so little?!

She’s been spending a lot of time talking to her food lately, and we love it.

“I dont know what u are,” she wrote on another post on the same day, “but Im gonna have to eat u.”

Sofia, we’re here for your day-to-day food commentary. Maybe she’ll get her own show where she chats with sweets and other little foods. We can’t lie. We’d watch it.


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