Sofia Richie talked about why Rihanna is her style role model

Sofia Richie has definitely found herself a spotlight recently — and it’s not because of her brief fling with Justin Bieber, or the fact that her dad is the one and only Lionel Richie (which — lucky.) Sofia, who’s just 18-years-old, is starting to get on trending lists based on the fact that she’s becoming a fashion icon.

Of course, it takes one to know one. And in an interview with E! News, Richie admitted who inspires her the most when it comes to fashion: Rihanna.

"I think she dresses how she wants to dress. And I think that's really cool because, these days, you run into people that dress to fit certain stereotypes, and I just like someone who is being themselves. I sound like a Rihanna obsessor," she said with a laugh. "I usually listen to Rihanna the whole time. Music is a big thing for me when I'm shooting. It gets me in a groove."

And, it’s not just words — in fact, Richie was wearing a pair of pants from Rihanna’s FENTY x Pump line while doing the interview.

In general, Richie likes Rihanna’s casual style, and aims to dress pretty similarly.

"I don't really keep up with trends; I just wear what I want. I don't really let anyone's opinion get to me," she said. "I stay in my own head."

Solid advice —and really, it’s advice that can help solve more than just fashion choices!

We’re hoping that one of the next photos on Sofia Richie’s Instagram features both her and Rihanna together — these two definitely need to meet up and talk about clothes and music at some point.

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