Sofia Richie’s hairstylist chopped off her hair with kitchen scissors, and it’s a cutting-edge move

Most of the time, when we spot a new haircut on a moneyed celebrity, we can safely assume it was an expensive haircut applied with the best — and best-sharpened — scissors on the market. However, sometimes celebrities surprise us with their DIY techniques.

In the case of Sofia Richie’s new bob, all that was needed was a pair of kitchen scissors and vision. While we’d be fooling ourselves to pretend the techniques of celebrity hairstylist Chase Kusero weren’t responsible for the success of Richie’s cute wavy bob, we’re still impressed that kitchen scissors were able to produce such results.

As you can see from this video, Kusero has no problem chopping Richie’s hair off with a regular pair of household scissors.

The results would look dramatically different if most of us tried this at home. This is where years of hair experience comes in handy.

The texture in the back looks fresh and even, which is ideal for a summer update.

Again, if we cut the back of our hair with kitchen scissors, we have a feeling we’d come out a lot less chic.

It looks like Richie has already acclimated to her new style.

That dress looks cute too.

While you certainly can, we don’t recommend you try this cut at home — unless you’ve got the chops.

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