These soda bottles are actually cakes and it’s hard to believe

We admit it: we’re completely head-over-heels about cake. Because, duh, it’s CAKE! But there’s nothing we love more than desserts masquerading as other things. From this giant Boston cream pie donut that’s actually just a big cake, to these flowers that are actually just elaborate gelato, sneaky desserts are the best.

So, when Australian baker, Andres Fatso, posted these soda bottles, we were curious.

What are these innocent-looking bottles of pop doing lined up on this table? Could it be? *GASP!*


To create this next-level dessert, Andres bakes the layers separately, then makes the outside chocolate layer in a mold using a soda bottle cut in half.

Naturally, the flavors match the colors of the bottles. The Coke bottle is made with Nutella, the Sprite is a matcha green tea flavor, and the Fanta is made with Reese’s.

According to Baked by Andres’ recipe, posted on The Today Show site, the entire process can take up to six hours. Which if I’m prioritizing my life right, I can make some time for.

While you can’t eat the label, the entire bottle is edible and looks extremely portable. Believe me — if I could get my hands on one of these, I’d always have one in my purse. Just for emergencies. Cake emergencies.

[H/T: Delish]