This video breaks down “The Social Network” and reminds us that it’s one of the best movies ever made

Aaron Sorkin is one of the best screenwriters working currently. This is a fact. He’s been nominated (and won!) Golden Globes and Emmys for television work on The West Wing and Sports Night along with his films Steve Jobs, Moneyball, and The American President. But the only screenplay he has won a coveted Oscar for is The Social Network — a film about the creation of Facebook. You might’ve heard of it, it’s pretty good.

The screenplay for The Social Network not only won an Oscar but also has made its way onto many writer’s lists of the greats. Which is why the YouTube series “Lessons from the Screenplay” decided to examine it in the latest episode. And through watching the video as they analyze The Social Network, you’ll likely appreciate the film (and Sorkin) even more.

Since Sorkin dialogue typically moves quickly and overlaps conversations, the side-by-side analysis of the dialogue is pretty cool to see. You can visually understand how the dialogue beautifully moves together.


Another point brought up in the analysis is the importance of collaboration between Director David Fincher and Writer Aaron Sorkin in order to make such an amazing final film. This brings up an important lesson for all of us — that if we’re willing to put aside difference to work together, it can often result in a greater “product”.


So for any of your screenwriting nerds out there or film lovers in general, you won’t want to miss this dissection of one of Sorkin’s most interesting scripts. We’re guessing it will make you just want to go watch The Social Network again. But now that you’ve analyzed it, maybe you’ll appreciate the majesty of it even more. Just, wow.